Loki for Internet Explorer

Loki for Internet Explorer 2.0

Location-based search and Virtual GPS for Internet Explorer

Loki pinpoints your exact physical location and then uses that location to make the web revolve around you, wherever you are. With Loki you'll always know where you are, make sure that others know where you are too, never get lost and always be able to find stuff nearby.

Map It

Find out exactly where you are. With just one click, Loki will pinpoint your location on a map.

Find It

Search for anything nearby or use the one-click Channels to find info about local weather, restaurants, entertainment.

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Get It

Use Loki as your 'Virtual GPS' and get directions to anywhere.

Share It

Share your location with friends, family, co-workers, anyone.

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Loki for Internet Explorer


Loki for Internet Explorer 2.0